September ’18

a month of fasting & prayer.

As a church, we believe in the power of prayer. In fact, we believe that individuals, churches, and communities are only change by the power and wonder of the Holy Spirit. Thus, as we transition to a new season as a church, and a new Lead Pastor, we want to come together as a church in prayer. Thus, we are calling for a month of fasting and prayer.


We are not calling for a traditional fast (i.e. going without food). Instead, each day we will be choosing a different element/item from our culture to go without. Check the prayer calendar below to see each day’s item.

We don’t believe fasting is about punishing ourselves. Instead, fasting is a natural reminder to prayer. When you start longing for the item we are fasting from, it is a reminder to pray (i.e. when you think of using social media; pray for God to empower our church).

Each day we have a prayer focus. Check the prayer calendar below to see each day’s prayer focus.

Every Wednesday in September at 7pm, we will gather in the auditorium to pray as a community.

You can sign up for text/email prayer reminders.